Food Toolz


Food Toolz

Nutritionists say that the more color with your meals, the healthier it is for you.

Although they might be referring to fruits and vegetables, adding these colorful utensils couldn't hurt.

They could start some good colorful conversations at the dinner table.

They'd make a great colorful gift too!

Get the idea? The key is that they are colorful!

But, they're practical also!

Food Toolz started out to be just a novelty tableware, (and they still are), but it turns out that they are a very comfortable eating tool.

Especially for those who might have arthritis or some other gripping problem.

So, put some 'color' into your life.

Get a set today!

Knives Image

The greatest thing since sliced bread.


Forks Image

These have more than just a couple of good points!


Spoons Image

What can I say, they're spoons!


Steak Knives Image

Steak Knives
A cut above


Set of 3 Image

Set of 3
Handle colors will vary


Set of 4 Image

Set of 4
Handle colors will vary.